Sunday, April 26, 2015

Get Email Updates! Corrected.

Hello Readers!
It has been brought to my attention that many subscribers to the "Get Email Updates!" widget, located on the right hand sidebar of the blog, have not been receiving their updates via email.
First, I want to verify that those subscribers followed through with the activation email sent to them after subscribing. This email comes from 'FeedBurner' and may have ended up in your spam or junk folder, please check for this email and hit the activation link to start you email updates.
These updates will come in a different format than my previous blog. They will be an email version of an entire post.
They will come to your email overnight, as opposed to right after publication; unfortunately I do not have option to change this feature.

If you have already completed the activation process and are still failing to receive emails I will from now on be sending out a link from my CaringBridge when an updated is posted here on The Tube fed Wife. There will be no content on the CaringBridge journal post, just a link that lets you know I have published a post with a direct link to this blog.
I am sorry for any inconvenience! Please be sure to once again check your spam/junk folder, and if all else fails, please subscribe to my CaringBridge for updates on this blog.  Chanel White's CaringBridge Page

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