Thursday, May 21, 2015

Yum Yum Potassium - Health Update

It seems such an incomprehensible existence to have weekly doctor appointments to the average person, but to me that just an accepted way of life. Anything less than two appointments in a week and I am practically bubbling with giddy freedom! This week was suppose to be a two appointment week, meaning I would have five glorious days to myself to enjoy how I chose. It's almost as if my body can tell when not enough is going amiss; when I am not swamped by doctors appointments so it feels it needs to compensate. Wednesday morning I received a call bright and early from my doctor expressing a few blood labs had comeback unsatisfactory and I was to head immediately to the university ER for critically low Potassium (2.9) and Magnesium (1.1). This can be an extremely serious issue as these electrolytes keep your heart beating correctly. Sure enough I started having some pretty serious heart palpitations.  I ended up staying at the ER for almost eight hours running massive maintenance fluids and a few bags of specific electrolytes my body was almost completely depleted of. Luckily everything turned out ok and we were able to get my levels back under control. The doctors believe I had this severe drop in levels due to my very active SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) the last few weeks, so until it is under control, I will need to supplement a few things, and have weekly labs to check my blood electrolyte levels. I am just so grateful it was caught and nothing more serious transpired such as cardiac arrest. 

So thankful for my Port!

The rest of this week will hopefully bring smooth sailing as next week begins another parade of appointments. I will follow up with my Dermatologist regarding my most recent diagnosis of Vasculitis, my GI regarding the SIBO, and have my first Dry-Needling session at the Pain Clinic. This upcoming week will also be my Support Groups first meeting! I am so excited to lead a wonderful group of individuals battling Scleroderma. Hopefully I will have a good turn out, and the meeting will be a success!

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