Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Faith To Not Be Healed -- Video

Back in early November I had the amazing opportunity to work with an organization called Faith Counts. I was honored to be the subject of one of their video documentaries to share a message on the importance of faith -- especially through trails.
It's incredible watching this video only five months later to see how much has changed regarding my health. I am now oxygen free, have a beautiful head of short hair, and no longer have to draw on eyebrows! lol I adore the scenes they captured, and especially love how every moment emanates my goofy personality... and very expressive face. ;) Faith is a driving factor in my fight against illness, and brings me great peace and comfort through very turbulent times.

"Faith Counts, LLC — a nonprofit, nondenominational organization comprised of faith communities representing nearly 100 million Americans. We’ve come together to share a simple message that “faith counts.”
Each day, faith inspires people to reach out and help others. It connects them to a diverse and vibrant community. It empowers them to rise above the sometimes gritty reality of everyday life. 

There is a growing sense that faith should somehow be kept private. Many are embarrassed to share how their faith makes them who they are. We want to change that.

So dive in and explore! No matter what your background is, we hope you will see how faith counts. Be inspired, connected and empowered. And once you’ve done that, share something that will inspire and empower others."  

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  1. I loved the documentary short they made about you, Chanel! You looked so poised, and your message was inspirational. Also, I was delighted to see so many shots of Bothell Landing! :) I haven't been back in over a year... it made me homesick, but in a good way. It reminded me how beautiful it is up there!

  2. Loved this video!
    I am so with you on the prayers to be strong and to be able to handle things, instead of to be magically healed, I always tell people those kinds of prayers/good thoughts mean so much more.
    I loved hearing your thoughts on all of this :)

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