Thursday, June 24, 2021

June 2021 Update

Happy Summer Everyone! I am so thrilled to see sunshine in Seattle. This will be a short and sweet update - likely the last for a good while too. My Jejunal tube was pulled this month as I am now sustaining 100% orally. While my nutrition and diet aren't exactly a perfect science at the moment, it is enough to sustain a mostly functioning human. I am BEYOND thrilled to have one less medical device in my body! My Gastrostomay tube was swapped out for a lower profile button as well. This will continue to be used for draining residuals. As of now, I am no longer, 'the tube-fed wife.' ...You know, getting rid of your lifeline is actually quite frightening. My head was swimming with the, 'what ifs.' What if this treatment suddenly fails? What if I need my J tube again? Remember how terrible that surgery was!? But, I have decided I cannot live in the 'what ifs,' all I can do is move forward. So here I am, marching forward with one less tube, ready to take on whatever comes next. I sincerely love and appreciate each and every person who has followed my long journey via this blog. However, I hope we never have to meet here again! lol Let's connect on another life path that has less to do with failing health... Shall we? ;)

If you're interested in my next adventure, please find me on Insta @thetubefedwife

Signing Off,