Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Elephant Trunk -- Health Update

Last night was quite a wild ride. While having some delicious soft serve ice cream at Dairy Queen with my good friends, and husband, I felt a "pop" in my stomach after laughing a bit to hard at an internet comments thread. Water gushed out of my stoma all over my pants, and I immediately knew that the balloon holding the feeding tube in my stomach had popped. Oops!
I quickly went home and took the feeding tube out to replace it with my back up -- and found that I had no back up! BIG problem. Stomas (medical holes in the body) close extremely quickly, and without a tube to put into the gaping hole in my abdomen it would quickly close which would mean surgery to reopen it. I wracked my brain and decided the best option was to stick something in the hole. (Hardcore I know lol) I ended up sticking an extension set inside the stoma which fit perfectly! It was a bit odd and uncomfortable, but better than a second surgery!

It was about 10pm by this point and my gastro's office was closed so we packed up and headed to the local hospital to wait in for a tube I could place. I would bleeding pretty profusely and looked like a bloody mess holding my abdomen! haha Poor random people waiting in the ER were probably really freaked out! After two hours of waiting while more serve cases were triaged, I finally made my way back into a room and requested a feeding tube. Luckily, the emergency department had one on hand that could be placed until I can re-order the tube I normally use called an AMT Mini One Button. Unfortunately, the only tube they had on hand is the size of an elephant trunk, leaks, and makes me smell like barf all the time.

Here is a fun size comparison of my old tube vs the temporary one. The old tube looks much like a beach ball top that just sits on my stomach, while the current tube has a long hose hanging out the abdomen. You can see why the current is not my favorite accessory. My new tube should be here early next week - hopefully. Life is always an adventure when you're tube fed!

In other REALLY exciting news I recently found out I have been granted a wish from the Do It For The Love Foundation! They will be sending me to a concert of my choice (near my home), and possibly to even meet the artist! Thank you to my incredible friend Michelle for nominating me for this amazing opportunity! I will keep you all updated on the wish process! For more information on their foundation, or to nominate a patient in need of the healing power of music visit their website! (Link above)


  1. Oh my goodness!! What a night you had!! I am so glad you are you!!!❤️❤️

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