Monday, June 6, 2016

The Tube Fed Wife on Q-13 Fox News

Today was a huge day in my world -- I was on the news! For years my goal has been to share illness awareness with as many individuals as possible, and thanks to my viral video last month I had the chance to do that today with the entire city of Seattle! Q-13 Fox News graciously invited me to preform a live Q & A segment on their busy morning show. I had the fabulous opportunity to sit down with Travis Mayfield, an incredible caring man who has dealt with heart wrenching hardships in his own life. While the interview did not exactly take the direction I thought it would, I couldn't be more pleased with the way it turned out! Hopefully it can alleviate the stigmas around invisible/hidden disabilities in our community, and grow compassion for these individuals.
To watch the interview follow the link here: Fox News Interview.

Oddly enough, as we were exiting the building and were about to enter our vehicle, which was parked in a handicap stall, we were confronted by a woman who had just pulled up in a car also displaying a handicap placard. She drove her car right up behind ours and started loudly accosting myself, and my small group. She stated that this was, "a handicap spot and only for those with disabilities, and we had no right to park there." She refused to leave her vehicle, and continued to yell at us for a good 4 minutes as we attempted to explain the situation. Being completely fed up I walked right over to her window and told her, "I have ever right to park here Mam, I have a terminal illness and my internal organs are ravished. I actually just filmed a segment about bringing awareness to people like you who judge those of us with hidden disabilities!" I then showed off my feeding tube and central line and told her to go watch my interview! lol She was obviously flustered and extremely embarrassed by her actions. I was understandably pretty upset, and definitely yelled, as did my party, during this fiasco.

I mean come on! What incredible hilarious timing that we would be leaving a news interview about the very subject happening only moments later in the parking lot! Eventually, the woman who turns out was an employee of Q-13, profusely apologized and told us that this experience had taught her not to judge those with disabilities she cant see. She admitted she thought I looked fine, and that's why she got so upset and defensive about the spot. I explained to her that, that wasn't an excuse for the way she treated us, but forgave her. Hopefully as she goes on through life, and after she watches my segment, she can be more compassionate to those fighting unseen battles. I was grateful for the real life opportunity, and hope next time I can handle it with a bit more grace! ;)

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  1. You are a beautiful and courageous young woman. Hugs and admiration